GSoC, Week 12

Well, this past week was the final “full” week of the 2011 Google Summer of Code. The ‘soft’ pencils down date is Monday.

This week, I mostly rewrote interfaces to some functions and classes. I should probably go back through previous blog posts and update those to show how they are different, so if anyone comes across this in the future, there won’t be example code which doesn’t work. I also tried to finish up the documentation this week. I decided a little late in the week to add another page, a “advanced/future interfaces” page, to describe how some functions/classes have different interfaces (and their advantages/disadvantages) as well as some discussed extensions to the current interface (that probably won’t be implemented right now). Some of these things were: more ways to access basis vectors, more printing options, and more ways to initialize the Kane object. Like I said, I don’t think I’ll be able to implement these now. I think I’ll try and do those three things this Fall though.

I also went through an example of bringing non-contributing forces into evidence (I discussed this topic a little in last week’s blog post). With the changes to the Kane interface it has ended up working out quite nicely. I put some code for this into the examples section, so hopefully it will be relatively easy for others to figure out. I didn’t make as much progress as I’d like with the code output function, but I think it can do an adequate job at the moment. I also spent most of a day rebasing all of my code of the latest master. I’m not sure what I did wrong, but somehow, I managed to get double commits again, so I took care of this. I think it might have been how I branched, rebased on one branch, then merged? It took some time to sort out.

I see there being two more things to do. The first is updating the images I have in the documentation; they’re all hand-drawn and of low quality. I plan on spending a little time this weekend on that, as well as Monday. The other thing is updating my pull request, getting others to look at it, and making necessary changes (and hopefully during this time, I’ll be able to check out other people’s pull requests and help them). Working with the pull request will probably take longer than updating the images…

Anyways, this is the last required blog post, but I think I’ll do at least one more as part of the Summer of Code, to wrap things up, and maybe introduce one more example.


One response to “GSoC, Week 12

  1. > I think it might have been how I branched, rebased on one branch, then merged?

    That’s probably it. Mixing rebasing and merging doesn’t play well. Whenever you rebase, the commits become different (they get new SHA1 hashes), so when you merge, git sees them as different and will include them twice.

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