GSoC, Week 10

Week 10….?

This week, there really isn’t that much to report. Week 10 was supposed to be finishing up the pretty and LaTeX printer, and I have done most of that. Tests and documentation need to be written for both though; I think I’ve learned that things haven’t really been coded successfully until you’ve done those two steps.

I also got some more work done with the documentation. It’s a little further behind than I had hoped for, but it’s coming along. I definitely need to redo the images I have throughout it so far; they are just scans of sketches I have done, and are of low-quality. There also needs to be a lot more talk about linearization in the documentation. That in fact leads to the last two big coding things.

I think the last two major things are: more work in linearization and code output for numeric integration. The linearization routine still needs some work; mainly in dealing with situations where the qdot’s are defined with coefficients that depend on the q’s. The question of what to do with user defined dynamic symbols (such as forces or specified position) is also still up in the air. Forces will probably be easy to linearize (or really, take the partial with respect to), but with a specified position, it becomes more complicated; during the process of forming the equations of motion, most likely the derivative of that specified position will be brought into the expressions. I haven’t really decided what to do in this situation, as clearly some distance (say, l), and its derivative (say, l’) are not independent. I’m not sure if adding the position as a system state is the right thing to do here. I think I’ll play around with some simple examples to see what makes the most sense, and consult some other people. The part about code output also relates here, in that I need to decide how to deal with this situation (a value and its derivative). I can imagine just putting both as empty for the user to fill in, and telling them to do it the right way. Hopefully I’ll have this figured out more by next week. I also do need to write the code output stuff. I don’t think it will be that hard, I just have to make the decisions about the formats of of the output. The size of the expressions generated can be problematic though, taking tens of minutes to print out. I’m also not sure how to deal with this situation. Hopefully I can again find out more information on this issue by next weekend.



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